Foreign Policy

Trump’s Blundering Jeopardizes Jobs and Trade With Iran

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

When Iran and other world powers including the United States signed the Iran nuclear deal, it opened up the Iranian market for American companies and manufacturers for the first time in years, but Trump's blundering has put all of that in jeopardy.

According to Reuters, the financing for a $16.5 billion purchase by Iran of Boeing jets manufactured here in America may collapse even if the Iran nuclear deal manages to survive Trump.

Several people involved in the airliner deals fear they have become too big to cancel but too sensitive to implement fully beyond a limited number of jets for which Iran has the funds to pay for in cash without foreign loans. [...]

That raises immediate concerns for Boeing as it prepares to start building 15 long-range, twin-engined 777-300ER jets, originally due for delivery to Iran from next April.

The fate of those aircraft - part of a total order for 80 jets - is seen affecting jobs as Boeing tries to put a floor under declining production of one of its most profitable models.

While Boeing's sale of jets to Iran may collapse, the sale of jets manufactured in the European Union may also collapse because many of them contain America-made parts.

That particular detail gave me pause because, as you know, America trade officials are currently pressuring their Mexican and Canadian counterparts to accept new thresholds for American-made automobile parts. I'm not necessarily directly comparing the two, but Mexico and Canada may have their own interests in trade with Iran or other nations that Trump will inevitably agitate in some way.

I have a feeling the world is going to collectively tell us to fuck ourselves in the very near future. They may need us right now, but I promise every country is looking for ways to divest themselves and become independent from the American economy.

  • Hahahahahahaha!! Stupid rich people and their support of this asshat will cost Boeing big. I know that the misery will trickle down (the only thing that does) to the workers who would have built these planes, but maybe the bigwigs will finally realize what morons they’ve been for trusting their businesses to this f’ing moron.

  • Draxiar

    I can only imagine the fiery hoops the next (sane) President and Secretary of State will have to jump through to repair relations that trump has so deftly fucked up. Seriously, is there anything that trump hasn’t fucked up?

    • Tony Lavely

      And why would they believe anything they said? The next ignoramus could undo it all with a flick of his comb-over.

      • Draxiar

        Well that is a good point. It’ll certainly take a leap of faith on their part along with undoing trump’s damage.

  • Aynwrong

    I couldn’t blame the government of any nation for wanting to be as disconnected from our economy as possible. Trump might as well have the word INSTABILITY tattooed on his fat, orange forehead.

    • ninjaf

      Hell, he is making ME want to be disconnected from our economy.

  • Being inextricably economically tied to other countries keeps us safe from all out war. For example, China holds a lot of the US debt. In some ways that gives them leverage over us and but the other side of that coin is that they have a vested interest in our economy continuing to do well. Thus the odds that we would ever have an all out war with China are very slim. If too many countries divest themselves from us, the incentive to cooperate diplomatically goes away. And that’s VERY serious consequence. All of which I’m sure Donny Cheeto Drumpf doesn’t understand.

    • Nefercat

      “the incentive to cooperate diplomatically goes away”
      I’m sure you are correct that he doesn’t understand this, but if somebody slowly explained it to him in small words, he would probably think it is proof that he is on the right track.

      • He is awfully eager for war, isn’t he?

        • ninjaf

          He’s always wanted a Purple Heart, y’know.

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