Trump’s Border Troops Ordered to Remove The Wire They Deployed

Written by SK Ashby

Active duty service members were deployed to our southern border under Operational Political Stunt and their only clear mission was to string miles of razor wire along the border. And since completing that mission several weeks before the Thanksgiving holiday, the troops still stationed there haven't done anything new except remove the wire.

Border patrol officials recently told local civilian officials that they would ask the military to remove the wire when it's appropriate and, according to ABC News, they've now removed a couple miles of it.

U.S. Army soldiers have removed barbed wire along the US-Mexico border in areas where the Trump administration has said more border security measures are needed after local community leaders raised concerns.

About 2 miles of military-grade wire was removed from city land in Laredo, Texas, according to Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officials. The agency ordered the removals after hearing from local elected officials who raised environmental and public safety concerns with the wire running near community parks.

Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz, who leads the Texas Border Commission, said the Trump administration has, in part, used his community to fabricate the threat of migrants traveling north.

I don't want to laugh because everything about this is wrong, but I can't help it.

I mean, there are substantiated reasons to remove the wire while there were no good reasons to deploy it in the first place. Some of the service members deployed to the border have been rotated home, but I assume at least a few members of the original mission are still there and some of them have now been asked to remove the wire they deployed.

The Trump regime has done a lot of stupid things, but this must be near the top.