Trump’s Fake Wall Easily Breached With Household Tools

Written by SK Ashby

Although news reports often erroneously refer to Trump's fantasy border wall as a "wall," it isn't really a wall. It's not solid as you can see in the photo above. It's not even significantly different from what was installed on the border by the George W. Bush administration under the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

To that end, border agents and officials who spoke to the Washington Post say smugglers have easily breached the barriers recently installed on the border by the Trump regime using household cutting tools found at almost any hardware store.

Moreover, the design of the barrier apparently makes it easier to breach.

The breaches have been made using a popular cordless household tool known as a reciprocating saw that retails at hardware stores for as little as $100. When fitted with specialized blades, the saws can slice through one of the barrier’s steel-and-concrete bollards in minutes, according to the agents, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about the barrier-defeating techniques.

After cutting through the base of a single bollard, smugglers can push the steel out of the way, creating an adult-size gap. Because the bollards are so tall — and are attached only to a panel at the top — their length makes them easier to push aside once they have been cut and are left dangling, according to engineers consulted by The Washington Post.

Reading this report from the Washington Post, I recalled another report from January of this year that said Trump's barrier was easily breached when tested by the government. And they chose that design anyway; because Trump thinks it's "beautiful," or whatever.

Trump declared an emergency and began redirecting funds that would have been used to pay for schools and housing on military bases to replace existing barriers with new ones and install new barriers in some isolated locations that previously had none.

Billions will be spent installing this fake, ineffectual "wall" that isn't going to make any meaningful difference in the flow of immigration or drugs. Crossing into the United States out in the wilderness is not how most of that stuff happens in any case.

With all of this said, cutting the barrier may not even be necessary. You can just climb it.