Lying Liars

Trump’s FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Lied About the Net Neutrality Vote

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

Trump's FCC chairman Ajit Pai has finally rolled back those pesky regulations that President Obummer ordered the FCC to pass, right?

Yes, he has rolled back net neutrality and opened up the possibility that internet service providers could nickle-and-dime their customers (more than they already do), but President Obama never ordered the FCC to do anything.

Republicans asked the FCC's inspector general to investigate President Obama's involvement in the decision and the inspector found nothing according to internal documents obtained by Vice News.

On express orders from the previous White House, the FCC scrapped the tried-and-true, light touch regulation of the Internet and replaced it with heavy-handed micromanagement,” Pai said Thursday prior to voting to repeal the regulations.

But internal FCC documents obtained by Motherboard using a Freedom of Information Act request show that the independent, nonpartisan FCC Office of Inspector General—acting on orders from Congressional Republicans—investigated the claim that Obama interfered with the FCC’s net neutrality process and found it was nonsense. This Republican narrative of net neutrality as an Obama-led takeover of the internet, then, was wholly refuted by an independent investigation and its findings were not made public prior to Thursday’s vote.

The only Obama scandals that ever existed were the ones Republicans cut from whole cloth.