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Trump’s Flood Donation Went to an Anti-Gay Preacher

Written by SK Ashby

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made headlines by visiting Louisiana and donating $100,000 to help flood victims, but that's not actually who he donated to.

Trump handed $100,000 over to a church run by Tony Perkins, a man you're probably familiar with.

Donald Trump has reportedly donated $100,000 to help Louisiana residents affected by disastrous floods — but he’s put it in the hands of an anti-LGBT church whose interim pastor is Tony Perkins, head of the infamously homophobic Family Research Council. [...]

Trump visited the church, located in the Baton Rouge suburb of Greenwell Springs, and made other stops in the area at the invitation of Perkins.

Tony Perkins is well known for many bad reasons, but one reason is particularly relevant today.

Perkins infamously said that flooding and other natural disasters are God's divine punishment for homosexuality. In other words, Perkins says the flood that just devastated a significant portion of Louisiana was caused by gay people.

Perkins lost his own home in the recent flooding. Is God trying to tell us something about Tony Perkins?

Update... the Washington Post reports that Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards asked Trump to make a donation to the Louisiana flood relief fund but he was turned down. The donation will go to Tony Perkins.