Trump’s Glorified Border Fence Was Blown over

Written by SK Ashby

Trump held an unhinged campaign rally in New Jersey on Tuesday night where he touted the power of his fake border wall, but a section of the wall was blown over by wind the next morning.

Authorities say a section of the steel fence on the border of Calexico, California partially collapsed and fell into Mexico yesterday morning.

Gusts of around 30 mph (48 km/h) were reported at the time, the US National Weather Service said. [...]

On Tuesday, Mr Trump boasted at a campaign event in New Jersey that the wall was "going up at record speed".

A day later, high winds blew a section of newly installed panels against trees lining a road in Mexicali, a city on the Mexican side of the border.

It appears that the collapse may have been caused by incomplete construction, but in any case I would point out that gusts of 30 mph are not particularly strong.

I don't think you have to be very pessimistic or clairvoyant to guess that future administrations will likely find many flaws in the construction of Trump's glorified fence and will be faced with the costs of maintaining or replacing it. Trump is not known for using the best practices in his construction projects.

If Trump is voted out of office later this year, the next administration will be able to stop construction.