Trump’s Muslim Ban is Back

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump has reportedly signed a new version of the Muslim Ban that was ostensibly so "urgent" he waited a month to sign it after the previous order was struck down by the 9th Circuit Court.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Monday signed a new version of his controversial travel ban, aiming to withstand court challenges while still barring new visas for citizens from six Muslim-majority countries and shutting down the U.S. refugee program.

The revised travel order leaves Iraq off the list of banned countries but still affects would-be visitors from Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Libya.

Given how long its been since he signed the original order, why sign a new one now?

According to the Washington Post, Trump came unglued over the weekend and scolded his own staff and kicked several of them off Air Force One because he was angry about a series of missteps that he is responsible for. And according to at least one source, the Muslim Ban may be intended to make Trump feel better.

Trouble for Trump continued to spiral over the weekend. Early Saturday, he surprised his staff by firing off four tweets accusing Obama of a “Nixon/Watergate” plot to tap his Trump Tower phones in the run-up to last fall’s election. Trump cited no evidence, and Obama’s spokesman denied any such wiretap was ordered.

That night at Mar-a-Lago, Trump had dinner with Sessions, Bannon, Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly and White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, among others. They tried to put Trump in a better mood by going over their implementation plans for the travel ban, according to a White House official.

Trump was reportedly pleased yesterday morning because his batshit conspiracy theory was dominating the news, but he grew angry again because no Republicans forcefully defended him.

So that's where we're at. The White House is more or less guiding policy on the whims of Trump's childish mood swings.

In regards to the Muslim ban, there's reason to believe it will be struck down again. The new ban may state that it's not a "Muslim ban," but unfortunately for Trump there's more than a year's worth of material of him personally calling for a Muslim ban. Moreover, there exists several Department of Homeland Security memos that downplay the threat posed by refugees and downplay the connection between the 6 countries listed in the ban and terrorist attacks.

None of the perpetrators of the biggest terrorist attacks in recent memory came from the countries included in Trump's ban. Both in America and in Europe, perpetrators of the biggest attacks over the last several years were citizens.

  • ninjaf

    So that’s where we’re at. The White House is more or less guiding policy on the whims of Trump’s childish mood swings.

    I believe this was the major argument against voting for him from the Democratic party and enough people in the rust belt states didn’t care. They thought it was worth the risk.

    • Yep.

      Some people, for reasons I simply cannot fathom, are impressed with Trump. They think he’s smart. They think he’s a leader. They think he cares about them. They think he has ideas and intends to help the country.

      These people are f*ing morons.

      • They aren’t reading/watching the same sources we do. Breitbart, Limbaugh et cetera are giving Trump high marks. And the less said about the dark corners of the Right Wing internet the better.

    • Scopedog

      And don’t forget those who insisted that Trump was not a warmonger like Hillary, and that he would not be so beholden to Wall Street like Hillary.

      There’s a perfect description for them–“stupid motherfuckers”.

    • Christopher Foxx

      They thought it was worth the risk.

      No, there was no thought of risk involved. (There was very little thinking of any kind.)

      They either were wholeheartedly in favour of Trump (and saw no “risk” at all), or focused entirely on the harm he would do to others (which they see as a good thing).

  • Aynwrong

    I had initially found Trump’s insistence on doing this as an executive order to be curious. The GOP controls both houses of Congress yet his White House has made no effort to do this through the legislative process. One would think it would at least give the ban a veneer of (undeserved) legitimacy. Then I remembered that the GOP is literally playing Where’s Waldo with their entire health care bill. God knows what a madhouse like that would with such legislation and what such legislation would do to the madhouse.

    • But it’s not just Congressional dysfunction that is causing Drumpf not to go through them with his Muslim ban. Many GOP Senators who are in it for the long haul know that a legislated ban would be poison to them. So if they have to vote for one they’ll be forced to choose a side. If they vote against the ban, they alienate their base and piss off Drumpf, a vindictive jerk. If they vote for it, the day will come when Drumpf is no longer in office and the 3/4 of the population who don’t agree with the ban will punish them for it. Thank goodness for GOP dysfunction and cowardice.