Election 2020

Trump’s Next Campaign is Already Funneling Money to Him

Written by SK Ashby

It's currently April 21, 2017 and the 2020 presidential campaign is several years away, but Donald Trump's 2020 campaign is off to a big head start on funneling money directly to Trump.

Trump's campaign is already spending money at Trump Tower and his various hotels and resorts.

Nearly $500,000 from President Trump's 2020 re-election campaign has gone directly to Trump-owned restaurants, hotels and golf clubs, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.

Of the more than $6 million in campaign funds spent in the first three months of 2017, $274,013 has gone toward rent at Trump Tower, the report said, citing Federal Election Commission filings.

Another $58,685 has gone toward lodging at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., and $13,828 has gone toward renting facilities and catering costs at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.

Trump's campaign directed $14 million to himself in 2016, but at this rate I assume his 2020 campaign will spend significantly more than that at Trump properties by the time November 2020 rolls around.

Trump's business properties were placed into a not-blind trust ostensibly controlled by his sons Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, but Trump is the sole beneficiary and he can withdraw funds from the trust at any time.