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Trump’s Policy Forum Has Disbanded

Written by SK Ashby

Not to be confused with the Manufacturing Council which business leaders are also fleeing, the members of the Strategic and Policy Forum has decided to disband the group today.

The news was first reported this afternoon by CNBC.

The business backlash to Trump follows his tepid response to violence at a white nationalist rally over the weekend.

"The thinking was it was important to do as a group," a member told CNBC. "As a panel, not as individuals because it would have more significant impact. It makes a central point that it's not going to go forward. It's done."

Members of the Policy Forum include Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, Larry Fink of BlackRock, Doug McMillon of Wal-Mart, and Ginni Rometty of IBM.

Between defections in Congress, the loss of the policy forum, leaders fleeing the manufacturing council, and Trump's very low approval ratings, I think he's very close to effectively being a lame duck president. And it's only been 7 months.

We may very well look back and conclude that he's been a lame duck since the beginning, but it's becoming quite apparent now.

"You can't fire me. I quit!"