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Trump’s Secret ISIS Plan is Obama’s Plan

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he would adopt a "secret plan" to destroy ISIS, but the official, not-secret plan has arrived and it's basically President Obama's plan.

The plan calls for continued bombing; beefing up support and assistance to local forces to retake its Iraqi stronghold Mosul and ultimately the ISIS capital of Raqqa in Syria; drying up ISIS's sources of income; and stabilizing the areas retaken from ISIS, the officials say. [...]

The Pentagon's ISIS plan highlights four "next plays," say officials who've seen it, suggesting "acceleration" in all of them. The "next plays" include "Support Iraqi Security Forces to capture Mosul" and "Support and develop more local forces in Syria." Both of those efforts have been underway for nearly a year.

While it's amusing to see the Trump regime try to claim a carbon-copy of an Obama-era strategy as their own, this doesn't necessarily mean they'll be as successful at implementing it as the Obama administration was.

If this report from NBC News is accurate, the new plan calls for a greater emphasis on diplomacy which, anyone who has paid any attention can tell you, the Trump regime does not excel at.

[Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis] said the preliminary plan sent to the White House is a grand strategy - which places even more emphasis on diplomacy, economics and information than it does on the military. It creates, he says, a framework for more tactical questions to be answered later.

The Trump regime has more or less dismantled the State Department and doesn't appear to be interested in diplomacy at all. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, for his part, is an ineffectual figurehead who has no authority or capability to settle disputes and plenty of freedom to ignite them.

If permanently defeating ISIS requires diplomacy and intellectual finesse, they won't be defeated anytime soon.

  • swift_4

    Step one, gut the diplomatic corps and alienate the intelligence agencies.
    Step two, make our strategy dependent on diplomacy and intelligence.
    Step three, safe falls on Roadrunner.

  • Badgerite

    It is more than a little obvious that President “Truthful” and the GOP relied on scaring people and fueling the latent and inherent bigotries of all kinds in this country to get people to vote for them so that they could actually strip those people of any benefits that they should be entitled to by virtue of being a citizen of the United States of America, one of the richest countries on the face of the Earth. They just don’t like to share.

  • Aynwrong

    The only thing that Trump’s supporters care about is how any plan sounds when it’s being blurted out of the Dear Orange Leader’s mouth. They want the tough guy talk. They want to hear references to George Patton and Douglass MacArthur because those are guys they have heard of on the History Channel in between whatever reality show nonsense the History Channel is currently running.

    If told that whatever is being done is exactly what was put in place during the Obama Administration their response would be something along the lines of “But Obama wouldn’t say ‘RADICAL ISLAM’ because he was too PC!”

    So as long as Trump keeps spouting tough guy nonsense the rubes will be kept happy.

  • muselet

    During the campaign, Donald Trump claimed to have a secret plan—one which he wouldn’t divulge to anyone before being elected—to defeat Da’esh. The only detail he’d share was that the US would “bomb the hell out of” the group.

    In January, Trump signed a (gratuitous, since he could have just given an order in private) executive order directing the Pentagon to produce a plan to defeat Da’esh. Apparently, his amazing secret plan for defeating Da’esh was to ask the military to devise and amazing secret plan for defeating Da’esh.

    And now, the Pentagon’s plan is to do what was being done during the Obama administration, only more so. Bombing the hell out of Da’esh is not the primary part of the plan.

    The Trump administration not only doesn’t include anyone skilled at diplomacy, its military-heavy budget proposal has been described with the sort of chest-thumping bravado one hears from an insecure middle-schooler. There’s no way this grand strategy survives contact with that insecure middle-schooler.

    Military leaders understand the value of diplomacy and that “soft power” is often far more effective at achieving national goals than “hard power.” Donald Trump does not.