Trump’s Sister Retires Over Trump Family Tax Fraud

Written by SK Ashby

A sprawling New York Times report that detailed nearly a century of Trump family tax fraud did not lead to meaningful consequences for Trump himself, at least not yet, but Trump's older sister is taking one for the team.

Judge Maryanne Trump Barry has filed for retirement to end an ethics investigation that was inching closer to further exposing the whole Trump family.

Judge Barry not only benefited financially from most of those tax schemes, The Times found; she was also in a position to influence the actions taken by her family.

Judge Barry, now 82, has not heard cases in more than two years but was still listed as an inactive senior judge, one step short of full retirement. In a letter dated Feb. 1, a court official notified the four individuals who had filed the complaints that the investigation was “receiving the full attention” of a judicial conduct council. Ten days later, Judge Barry filed her retirement papers.

The status change rendered the investigation moot, since retired judges are not subject to the conduct rules.

Just because having the Trump's lifelong family fraud scheme exposed to the public has not led to meaningful consequences for the Trump family yet does not necessarily mean I think it never will. New York state tax authorities are still conducting an ongoing investigation and the power of the presidency won't protect the Trumps forever.

No one is going to jail for this, but bills are going to come due. The state will come for its money.