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Trump’s Trade War Could Kill The Bible With a “Bible Tax”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Trump has temporarily delayed his decision to impose tariffs on over $300 billion in Chinese goods but, if he goes through with it -- and I expect he eventually will -- he may kill the holy Bible along with the global trade market.

Bible publishers say China prints the majority of America's Bibles because printing them requires special equipment that was moved to China decades ago. They say Trump's tariffs would represent a "Bible Tax."

From CBS News:

Bibles are printed on "unusually thin paper" that requires specialized machines, Mark Schoenwald, president of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, said in testimony to the U. S. Trade Representative. Up to 75% of what it costs a publisher to make a Bible, with its complex illustrations and ultra-thin pages that make it portable, is spent in China and can't be handled elsewhere, according to Schoenwald.

"We believe the administration was unaware of the potential negative impact these proposed tariffs would have on the publishing industry generally, and that it never intended to impose a 'Bible Tax' on consumers and religious organizations," Schoenwald testified.

"U.S. printers moved their Bible printing facilities abroad decades ago, leaving no substantial domestic manufacturing alternatives," Schoenwald said.

If Schadenfreude were a drug, you could snort this.

  • Michael B

    My impression was the more Catholicy Bibles had the most fancy binding and print. But I know most evangelical types are the are ones who are desperate to shove a King James Bible into everyone’s hand whether they can read it or not. I wouldn’t think they would be picky.

  • Draxiar

    Thoughts and especially prayers…*smirk*

  • muselet

    On the one hand, Bible publishers have a point. There are no realistic alternatives to printing in China.

    On the other hand, there are lots of other industries that rely on Chinese contractors and subcontractors, and also have no realistic alternatives. They aren’t getting relief from Donald Trump’s trade war with China.

    I wonder if this story will be reported by the braying jackasses at Fox News Channel (my money says no, but I’ve been wrong before).


  • Aynwrong
  • gescove

    “If Schadenfreude were a drug, you could snort this.” Best laugh today.