Trump’s USDA Continues the Fight For Work Requirements During Pandemic

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

Last week, a federal judge blocked the Trump regime's attempt to end states' rights to waive work requirements for enrollment in their food stamp programs. Citing the coronavirus pandemic, U.S. District Judge Judge Beryl Howell wrote that maintaining state flexibility would be essential.

Now, as tens of thousands of Americans are losing their jobs because of the virus, the Trump regime is continuing the fight to end waivers and impose more work requirements.

The Department of Agriculture says they're appealing the ruling.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Agriculture Department said Wednesday that it would appeal a judge's ruling that it would be "arbitrary and capricious" to move forward during a global health crisis with food stamp changes that could force hundreds of thousands from the program. [...]

On Wednesday, an Agriculture Department spokesperson responded to an Associated Press query with a terse email saying only that "USDA disagrees with the court's reasoning and will appeal its decision."

The good news is Congress is poised to pass a stimulus package in response to the coronavirus which will end the Department of Agriculture's ability to purge people from the rolls because of work requirements.

Regardless, whoever is calling the shots and demanding they press ahead with this challenge at a time like this is evidently a lizard in a human suit. That would be Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue, I presume.