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Truthers and the All New Hillary-Has-Brain-Damage Conspiracy Theory

Grace McDonnell was one of nearly two-dozen children killed by rounds of ammunition fired from Adam Lanza’s AR-15 at Sandy Hook Elementary. Since then, a memorial playground was established with a commemorative sign featuring the Grace’s photograph and the message: “Celebrating the Life of Grace McDonnell.” Eventually, all 26 victims, including the teachers, will have playgrounds constructed in their honor by the Where Angels Play Foundation.

Before I continue, I have to be honest: just seeing photos of the sign at the park is utterly heart-wrenching. The memories of that terrible day along with the faces of the children who were massacred can’t help but to involuntarily churn up a sudden and deep sadness, so much so that it’s impossible to imagine the grief re-experienced by the parents and families of the victims every time Sandy Hook pops up in the news.

That’s why the theft of the Grace McConnell sign by a Sandy Hook Truther last week is so unforgivably atrocious. But that wasn’t the worst thing this lunatic did. CBS2 in New York reported that the Truther called the child’s mother and told her the shooting was a false flag, implying therefore that Grace McConnell never existed in the first place.

Suffice to say, Sandy Hook Truthers are a blight. The worst of the worst. Perhaps more callous and heartless than 9/11 Truthers, if that was even possible.

Photo: Grace McDonnell

On our weekly podcast, Chez Pazienza and I are often merciless in our criticism of InfoWars Truther types like Alex Jones and his underling goon Dan Bidondi. It’s chiefly because they’re all about spreading this Truther horseshit, be it Sandy Hook Trutherism, Boston Marathon Trutherism, 9/11 Trutherism or Oklahoma City Trutherism — disrupting serious press conferences barking false-flag nonsense and developing complex theories to the delight of their paranoiac disciples — they deserve nothing less than our complete and unapologetic disrespect and unflinching ridicule. Alex Jones has built Trutherism into a media empire, accumulating for Jones an estimated net worth of $8 million. Part of that empire has been built upon insisting to millions of listeners and online readers every day that Sandy Hook was staged by the government to distract from… whatever… probably other fabricated nonsense like chemtrails and weather weapons.

There’s certainly merit in questioning power — in challenging authority when it’s both deserved and empirically justified. But the gradual mainstreaming of Trutherism must be shoved back into its straight-jacket now, before it’s too late.

Case in point, last night at a conference in Los Angeles, Karl Rove launched what could possibly be the next Truther movement: Hillary Clinton Brain Damage Truth. While participating in a round-table with former Obama administration press secretary Robert Gibbs and author Dan Raviv, the issue of Clinton’s December 2012 fall due to a blood clot was shoehorned into the conversation.

Rove said — with a straight face… READ MORE