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Tucker goes to MSNBC

Tucker Carlson, who was smacked down by the truth-talking Jon Stewart, is set to take over the Deborah Norville slot on MSNBC at 9pm weeknights, according the TV Newser. So the news media's parroting of the right continues, especially at NBC networks. Let's take a look.

MSNBC Primetime:
7pm: Hardball
Chris Matthews is a conservative-sounding Democrat who routinely weighs his panels heavily to the right. Yet his Sunday morning "Chris Matthews Show" is more balanced.
8pm: Countdown with Keith Olbermann
Balance of comedy and news, slightly left when covering Ohio voting irregularities. The only voice of reason on the network.
9pm: Tucker Carlson
Totally right-wing bow-tied man-boy who never matured beyond Sunday school naivete.
10pm: Scarborough Country
"Congressman" Joe is insanely right-wing. He's also insane. And with Pat Buchanan filling in for him for the last month, it's been, what Jon Stewart called, "F**k You with Pat Buchanan".

And while we're at it... NBC networks (MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, even Bravo!) gave, on average, around 67% of their political donations to Republicans. Even Fox News gave less to the GOP. That's saying A LOT.