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Typical Scarborough

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC's Scarborough Country has taken aim at Bill Moyers this week. But not from his show -- Pat Buchanan has been guest hosting while "Congressman Joe" nurses a bad back (Joe retired from Congress in 2001 while accused of having an affair, and his "mistress" mysteriously died after falling down some stairs at Joe's headquarters).

Joe penned a typically shallow missive on his blog yesterday regarding Friday's episode of "Now", and rather than dissecting Moyers' view that Republicans are subverting the press, Joe simply attacked Moyers.

Just about anyone would agree that Moyers is one of the most reputable, acclaimed journalists of our time. Yet, in predictable fashion, Joe resorted to the usually simplistic Republican tactic of "I know you are but what am I?"

And doesn't it seem to you that Bill Moyers is accusing right-wing media types of doing the same thing for the Republican Party that he has been doing for Democratic candidates for forty years?

So Moyers, like, say, Rush Limbaugh, has fabricated information, made racist comments, disinformed the public, and has vocally campaigned for Republicans ON THE AIR? Joe continued...

Of course. But in the media world, liberals like Moyers get journalism awards, while cultural megaforces like Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge get served extra helpings of scorn and ridicule from media elites.

DRUDGE? JOURNALISM AWARD? Giving Drudge a journalism award is like giving that kid in first grade who bites the other kids a Nobel Peace Prize. However, Joe's admiration for Rush and Drudge says more about how right wing hacks are passed off as journalists these days than it does about Joe's questionable taste in "journalism".