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U.S. Congressman Diane Black Is The Right Man For The GOP

This is one of my favorite news items of the week, starring women-hater Republicans scrambling to place an actual woman on their House terrorist plot to overthrow the country, or what they are referring to as, “their budget negotiations committee,” which is responsible for trying to find new and insidiously medieval ways to make every thing in the world suck, no later than December 13th.

And that lucky, modern day woman is… Rep. Diane Black, or Congressman Black, as she makes clear over and over again on her official government-issued website.

Congressman Black(R-TN)

Congressman Black(R-TN)

As a nurse, small businesswoman and former educator, Congressman Diane Black brings a unique and dynamic perspective to her work in Congress.



October 1st: GOP Diversity In Action!


Via Maddow Blog

Two Weeks Later, With New and Improved Diversity!– Maddow Blog

Steve Benen:

Second-term Rep. Diane Black was chosen last week to sit at the conference table alongside three senior lawmakers, a surprise pick that will catapult the Tennessee Republican into her highest-profile role yet.

In an interview with CQ Roll Call, Black said Speaker John A. Boehner called her early in the day on Oct. 16 to ask if she’d be interested in the position, but she didn’t know it was a done deal until later that night.

Black couldn’t say why exactly the Ohio Republican chose her to serve on the prestigious panel tasked with producing a budget by Dec. 13.


If this dynamic sounds at all familiar to you, there’s a good reason. After the 2012 elections, House Republican leaders appointed 19 committee chairs for the new Congress, only to discover they’d chosen 19 white men. The party scrambled and found a woman to chair the Rules Committee – despite the fact that she wasn’t actually on the Rules Committee at the time.

It’s also reminiscent of the February 2012 incident in which House Republicans held a hearing on contraception access, and the opening panel was made up entirely of men.

Congressman Diane Black is exactly the right whoa-man for the job. She voted to shut down the government and voted against raising the debt ceiling. In an interview soon after her big break, she dared to ponder her unique skill set aloud:

“My past performances should indicate that I am someone who is willing to sit in a meeting and listen to the other side, and that I have been in positions before where I dealt with some very serious issues of setting budgets.”

logoBecause nothing says diversity in the GOP than a woman named Black who goes by “Congressman.” That’s two outreaches for the price of one! Conservatisms!