Underpants Bomber and 9/11

Cheney PR man Mike Allen tries and fails to be fair:

PUNDIT PREP 2 – The GOP is blaming Obama for the attack. But Republican lawmakers, candidates, pundits and commentators -- and the Bush administration -- blamed the CLINTON administration for 9/11.

There's a trap door here. Don't you find it a little offensive that the failed Underpants Bomber is being compared with 9/11? This not only diminishes the broad impact and trauma of 9/11, but it also elevates the ridiculous Underpants Bomber to 9/11 status. The failure to stop the Underpants Bomber is nowhere near the magnitude of Bush's failure on to prevent 9/11.

So how about this, Mr. Allen. How about reporting that the Bush/Cheney administration had a terrible record on terrorism -- 9/11, Anthrax, Beltway Snipers, countless attacks on our civilians and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the attacks on our allies in London and Madrid? And so they have no basis for chest thumping on this issue. Report that.