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“Undisputed” SNAP Challenge Champion Actually Failed the Challenge

An aide to Rep. Steve “If Only Babies Had Guns” Stockman recently failed the SNAP challenge to live on $31.50 per week, and I find his excuse for failing (and why he’s actually a winner) to be quite comical.

via ThinkProgress

The Dallas Morning News reported on Monday that the communications aide had to buy additional food after embarking on an unexpected trip. Since he was unable to carry his canned purchases onto the plane, “Ferguson limited himself to $9 in meals while traveling” and ended up “going about 14 percent over budget.” [...]

Ferguson, however, remains undaunted, saying he will donate the additional food to a food bank and is now referring to himself as the “Undisputed Snap Challenge Champion.”

No, see, that’s not how it works.

You don’t fail the challenge and then declare yourself to be the “Undisputed Snap Challenge Champion.”

The excuse that he had to catch a plane wouldn’t suffice for someone who actually depends on SNAP on a daily basis. Someone who, when the SNAP money is gone, will have to turn elsewhere.

Furthermore, the idea that he was “feeling great” and that he “gained two pounds” compels me to question whether he was scarfing bacon cheeseburgers in secret alongside his peanut butter sandwiches.

And of course Ferguson’s failure triumph is proof that we can afford to cut $2 billion from the SNAP program.