Uninsured Rate Reaches a New Record Low

Written by SK Ashby

The number of uninsured Americans continues to plunge as more and more people gain coverage under Obamacare.

According to a new Gallup survey, the uninsured rate has fallen to 11.9 percent from a high of 18 percent in 2013.


The uninsured rate has declined across all demographic groups, but according to the survey it has declined the most among low-income Americans.

While the uninsured rate has declined across all key demographic groups since the healthcare law fully took effect in January 2014, it has dropped most among lower-income Americans and Hispanics -- the groups most likely to lack insurance. The uninsured rate among Americans earning less than $36,000 in annual household income dropped 8.7 points since the end of 2013, while the rate among Hispanics fell 8.3 points. [...]

Americans aged 26 to 34 have also seen gains in coverage since the healthcare law went into effect -- the uninsured rate among this group is down 7.4 points since the end of 2013, the largest drop among any age group.

While Obamacare is working as intended, congressional Republicans continue to plot it's demise and will vote on a budget in the coming weeks that would repeal the law.

In the face of overwhelming evidence that Obamacare is working, Republican presidential candidates also stand by their assertion that the law is basically Hitler.