Bob Hall will be the next senator to represent North Texas because he is running completely unopposed by the state Democratic party.

Bob hall is a certifiable lunatic.

He doesn’t understand “why the [immigrants] who are coming here want to turn it into a country like where they came from.” He thinks Obama is using public schools for “communist indoctrination.” He thinks bike paths are part of a United Nations plot. He believes a “confederation of states” can nullify federal laws. He thinks Bob Deuell was controlled by Satan.

Hall defeated his slightly-less-batshit GOP opponent Bob Deuell (R-Satan) by just 300 votes.

If we’re being fair; if local residents see fit to nominate Hall, a man who thinks bike paths are part a U.N plot to usurp your freedom, I doubt the Democratic party could even field a competitive candidate.

I doubt this will be the last we hear of this nutcase. Soon he’ll have a voice in the Texas Senate and I’m sure he’s prepared to use it.