Vaping Congressman Sentenced to Prison

Written by SK Ashby

And now for some good news.

Former six-term Representative Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who finally resigned in January of this year, has been sentenced to nearly a year in prison for using campaign funds for personal expenses.

From the San Diego Tribune:

Former Rep. Duncan Hunter was sentenced to 11 months in federal prison Monday for conspiring with his wife to illegally use more than $150,000 of his campaign money for personal benefit. [...]

According to the indictment, the Hunters relied for years on campaign contributions to pay routine family expenses such as dental bills, home repairs and fast-food meals. They also used the donations to pay for exotic vacations, private-school tuition, video games and plane tickets for Margaret’s mother to travel to and from Poland.

The Hunters used more than $500 in campaign funds to fly the family’s pet rabbit, Eggburt, across the country with them, Margaret Hunter admitted in her plea agreement.

In addition to -- checks notes -- flying their rabbit across the country, you may also recall that Hunter used campaign funds to pay for a series of affairs with at least four women including a former staffer and a congressional aide.

It was the latter allegation that persuaded Margaret Hunter, the vaping congressman's wife, to cooperate with prosecutors early last year.

As you know, like most Republicans, Duncan Hunter considered himself a "fiscal conservative" who believed American families should live within their means. You know, unless you're really horny for women who aren't your wife. In that case, you should dip into campaign contributions to overpay for steaks and drinks in Washington D.C. like a real 'merican.