White House

Vice President Biden Knows How To Work A Room

Say what you will about Vice President Joe Biden, but before the office of the Vice President was a secluded bunker in Dick Cheney Hell where new ways to torture human beings was considered foreign policy, Joe Biden has returned the office from an undisclosed location and brought it back to the American people.

I'm not saying he's presidential material, but Vice President Biden has been involved with some the most important deals the Obama administration has had to make over the last four years. Everything from Recovery Act oversight, to last week's 'fiscal cliff' ordeal, to heading up an administration team responsible for implementing some reasonable gun control measures. And what he did to Paul Ryan during the V.P. debate was nothing short of brilliant. He took shots every Democrat in the country wanted to take and he smiled and cried the whole way through. He stood up to the bullies in that debate and bloodied a nose for America. He's earned his respect

But here's Joe Biden last week at the swearing in ceremony not devising new ways to torture, conspire to make war, or profiting from war and the carving up of oil fields, or outing a CIA operative, or suppressing climate science, or... oh, you get the point:


"Anyone else want to be sworn in as a Senator today?"


(Via TPM)