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Vicki Marble Has Black Friends… With Poor Genetics

Vicki Marble, the Colorado legislator who said higher rates of poverty among minorities is a result of poor genetics, fried chicken, and porno, said this week that she can’t be racially insensitive because she once had a conversation with her black friends.

While describing her liaisons with black friends, she also reiterated her “genetics” and fried chicken argument.

“We all have genetic traits…” she continued. “That’s what I was bringing up…

“But where is the discussion going to start? Marble asked. “A quarter of those blacks who die from heart disease and diabetes, those can be prevented if we’re given the right information… We can’t force them to stop doing what they choose to do, but to give them the information. These are our families and our neighbors in the black community…

“Honestly, I learned how to smoke meat from my black friends down in Texas because they lived with me… and stayed at my house…” Marble recalled. “Did we talk about cooking? Yes. The whole time.”

“Those blacks.”

Picard and Riker Facepalm

She didn’t stop there.

“If there’s sensitivities, that’s the way it is,” opined Marble. “People aren’t all the same. You don’t just cookie-cutter them out and say, ‘You have to listen to this’. But it would be nice to have an honest conversation to help educate them on what is actually happening and to prevent that with diet and exercise.

“Don’t let your sensitivities get in the way of a healthy lifestyle, or educating yourself about new things…” she concluded.

Don’t let your sensitivities get in the way of my fact-free arguments, racial stereotyping, and general idiocy.

This all started because Vicki Marble claimed that higher rates of poverty among minorities are a result of their genetic flaws, their addiction to porno, and their fondness of fried chicken. And I’m not even paraphrasing. She said that shit. And that’s not only grossly insensitive and racist, it’s also flatly wrong.

There are undoubtedly legions of people out there who see things the same way Marble does and they need to know they are wrong; that Marble is wrong.

More recently, Marble was duped into sponsoring a bill to prevent people from using using food stamps to buy weed. A bill that was conceived after she and her colleagues read a satirical news story they believed was real. Fox News didn’t get the memo either.

(h/t ThinkProgress)