Vietnam II: Son of Desertion


And the parallels to the Vietnam War continue as soldiers flee to the Great White North. The UK paper The Telegraph is reporting something you're unlikely to see on the front page of the NYT or on Fox News: over 5,500 US soldiers have already deserted to Canada rather than go to Iraq.

Read the whole story, but here's what one of these conscientious young men had to say:

I was told in basic training that if I'm given an illegal or immoral order, it is my duty to disobey it. I feel that invading and occupying Iraq is an illegal and immoral thing to do.''

This is a big story, and we have to read about it in an English paper. Will this story ever break onto American papers and TV screens? Not so long as the right continues to rapaciously monopolize the media, and the non-partisan media continues to ape the right-wing media in a pathetic "moving-to-the-center" attempt to get good ratings.