Walker vs. Walker

Written by SK Ashby

In his quest to become the darling of conservative primary voters, Wisconsin governor and Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker has swerved so far to the right on immigration as to suggest that legal immigration is a problem.

In 2006, however, when Walker was the Milkwaukee county executive, he approved a lobbying campaign in support of comprehensive immigration reform including a pathway to citizenship.

Disclosure documents obtained by The Huffington Post reveal that in 2006, the Milwaukee County government paid the lobbying firm Waterman & Associates approximately $40,000 to lobby the White House and both branches of Congress in support of the McCain-Kennedy bill.

The bill -- which would have imposed fines, payment of back taxes and probationary status as a prerequisite for undocumented immigrants to earn legal status -- ended up languishing in Congress, and heated debate on the issue continues to this day.

Just recently, Walker spoke out against legal immigration after having a heartless to heartless conversation with Senator Jeff Sessions.

The more we learn about Walker, the more I see him as a cross between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum; a marriage of ideology and phony conviction.

No wonder the Koch Brothers love him. He's perfectly malleable.