Civil liberties

WATCH: Gay marriage rulings in KS, IN

Two blood-red states have gay marriage rulings expected to come down any time now. On a day when we celebrate the wisdom and life of Martin Luther King, Jr., it's staggering that there are places in this nation actually considering the idea of limiting civil rights for a segment of our citizenry.


Indiana has already banned gay marriage, but an appeals court ruling is expected to come any day now with regards to a challenge of the law. Three gay couples filed the suit well over a year ago, and attorneys are expecting the case to go to the Indiana Supreme Court. The delay, says Attorney General Steve Carter, is due in part to there being no legal precedent.


A state constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and civil unions passed the Kansas state senate by a vote of 28-11 and will be voted on in the house sometime before February 11. KC Channel:

"Can we be sure that no activist judges or officials exist in Kansas?" said Sen. Dennis Wilson, R-Overland Park, who voted for the measure. "An amendment to our constitution is the only way to protect the sacred institution."

We're waiting on those amendments banning spousal abuse and divorce, Senator Wilson, since you're so bent on protecting the "sacred institution". Contact the state senator: Phone: 785-296-7383