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Wayne LaPierre’s Fuzzy Math

Speaking out for the first time since the mass-shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, still riding the wave of founding glory since the last mass shooting, the gun lobby sent Wayne LaPierre out into the world, yet again, as a human tourniquet for their bloodsport, telling an often times smiling David Gregory on this week’s Meet The Press that he’s got it all figured out, and the problem with mass-shootings in America is a simple fix:

“The problem is there weren’t enough good guys with guns! When the good guys with guns got there, it stopped.”

More guns in the hands of “good guys!” More guns+more good guys= less mass shootings!

In malls, bars, churches, school zones, and even military bases! More guns, more guns!

They’re all good guys. Simple farmers and hunters with guns– trading and selling weapons among themselves like the worst apple pie recipe ever. Until they go on a mass-shooting spree and the NRA labels them “bad guys” with its super secret Everlasting Gobstopper Good Guy/Bad Guy judgement machine, everyone gets a gun! Check under your seat. There might be a gun there.

From 1982-2012:


Of the 143 different guns that were used by the killers in mass-shootings during this time, 49 “Good Guys” purchased their weapons legally. Under the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, 48 of the 143 guns used would have been outlawed. During this time period, 42 mass-shootings involved high-capacity clips. Twenty relied upon assault weapons.

Because you’re not free in America unless you can sell an assault weapon, or a semi-automatic handgun with a high capacity magazine to the next mass shooter/former “Good Guy.”

By the NRA’s logic, as dispensed through the wooden, life-like mouth of Wayne LaPierre, it’s never the product that’s faulty, it’s the customer. Hell of a business model.