“We are going to get Brexit done”

JM Ashby
Written by JM Ashby

Our British brothers and sisters have evidently decided to join us in the geopolitical dumpster and, to that end, they've elected Boris Johnson as the next prime minister of the United Kingdom.

In his very first remarks after the results of vote were revealed, Trump Lite vowed to exit the European Union (EU) at the end of October.

“We are going to get Brexit done on Oct. 31, and we are going to take advantage of all the opportunities it will bring in a new spirit of ‘can do’,” Johnson, 55, said after the result was announced.

“Like some slumbering giant, we are going to rise and ping off the guy-ropes of self-doubt and negativity.”

Johnson said the mantra of his leadership campaign had been to “deliver Brexit, unite the country and defeat (opposition Labour leader) Jeremy Corbyn - and that is what we are going to do."

For their part, European officials wasted no time at all in telling Johnson that there will be no more deals.

Minutes before Johnson's victory was announced by the Conservative Party, European Commission deputy chief Frans Timmermans - who will retain his job under Von der Leyen - said the EU would not agree to change the withdrawal accord.

The bloc sealed it with outgoing British leader Theresa May last November but it has since been rejected three times by the British parliament.

"The United Kingdom reached an agreement with the European Union and the EU will stick to that agreement," Timmermans told a news conference. "This is the best deal possible."

This is going to end in disaster and there doesn't necessarily need to be a hard or no-deal Brexit for that to be true.

The so-called Brexit hasn't even happened yet but it may have already pushed the British economy into a recession that simply hasn't shown up in the data yet according to analysts who spoke to the Financial Times. Even a soft, orderly Brexit is going to bring pain to the British and global economy.

And no "can do" spirit will correct this. This "slumbering giant" is going to stay in bed.

Johnson and his conservatives would like the world to believe that a hypothetical trade deal with the United States can replace unfettered access and freedom of movement within the EU, but that is a nationalist fantasy. A trade deal with the US would take years if not a decade to draft and ratify, but even if the process were not so elaborate, the United States cannot replace the access Britain enjoys as a member of the Union. The EU is the largest trading bloc in the world representing to 28 countries (27 without the UK) and over 500 million consumers.

  • mnpollio

    The British have learned from us well in how to be easily manipulated and vote against their own interests. I heard one wag claim that this is “a good thing” because Johnson (along with the odious Nigel Farage) was the primary cheerleader and misinformation distribution factory for Brexit (aka Putin’s wet dream) and now Johnson will be “responsible for cleaning up his mess.” I do not know whether to take that statement at face value or not. Anyone who is under the impression that a buffoon like Johnson has any interest in cleaning up a mess he was instrumental in creating (or even knows how to clean it up) is living in fantasy land. Johnson will ride this pony and indulge himself, his unholy benefactors, and his wallet for as long as he can, and then take a powder with his undoubtedly already well-planned escape via golden parachute. Perhaps he will join Nigel in traveling the world launching campaigns to convince places like California that it would be in their best interests to break up. If these guys are not knowing participants in Vladimir Putin’s grand scheme to remake the world then they may as well be in the dictionary next to Das Trumpf by the definition of useful willing idiots. The destruction that conservatives have launched on the world cannot be overstated. Remind me again why the media makes the label of “liberal” sound like an insult, while conservatives who leave swathes of carnage in their wake can still be invited into polite discourse, make a mockery of it and still be treated with a respect they have no where near earned?

  • muselet

    While “Beano Boris” Johnson (a sort-of explanation of the man can be found here) may believe his … erm … unique charm and can-do spirit, pip-pip! will make Brexit less of a nightmare for the UK, reality indicates that won’t happen. Johnson is smarter and more mentally agile than Donald Trump—though not by as much as people seem to think—but that’s not saying much.

    The Tories, as I’ve said before, find Johnson amusing. Just how amusing he’ll seem when the economy is crashing down around them remains to be seen.


  • gescove

    We new words to describe the fresh hell that sits on the heads of Trump and Boris that they claim is “hair”. I mean, WTF?

  • Badgerite

    Not to mention, have they not paid attention to how trump has treated time tested alliances. Do they think that England is immune from the vagaries of this utter fraud of a human being. Boris has no plan.

  • gescove

    Yes, “..(J)oin us in the geopolitical dumpster…” because corrupt money interests, revanchist nationalist ideologues, and foreign adversaries, all hostile to pluralistic democracies, managed to hijack public discourse with a firestorm of cynical disinformation and propaganda. And the Brits seem just as unprepared and powerless to address it as we are here.

    • JMAshby

      The only person happier than Boris Johnson is Vladimir Putin.