Child President

“We got Scotch tape”

Written by SK Ashby

According to Politico, there's a whole team of people at the National Archives whose job it is to clean up Trump's messes.

More specifically, their job is to literally reconstruct and tape together official documents that Trump constantly tears apart because, if they don't, Trump would be breaking federal law.

Armed with rolls of clear Scotch tape, [former records management analyst Solomon Lartey] and his colleagues would sift through large piles of shredded paper and put them back together, he said, “like a jigsaw puzzle.” Sometimes the papers would just be split down the middle, but other times they would be torn into pieces so small they looked like confetti. [...]

White House aides realized early on that they were unable to stop Trump from ripping up paper after he was done with it and throwing it in the trash or on the floor, according to people familiar with the practice. Instead, they chose to clean it up for him, in order to make sure that the president wasn’t violating the law.

Staffers had the fragments of paper collected from the Oval Office as well as the private residence and send it over to records management across the street from the White House for Lartey and his colleagues to reassemble.

I get it now. Melania isn't sleeping in the same room as Trump because he throws papers all over the damn place and leaves it for his staff to clean up.