Sarah Palin

We Ignore Her At Our Own Peril

Why is the Paul Revere thing important and why am I continuing to cover Sarah Palin here?

While it's potentially increasing her visibility to write about her (visibility to all nine readers here), and while it's potentially taking the place of a more important topic, it's crucial to hold public figures accountable and to, whenever possible, expose their flaws so that they will be less likely to attain more power.

A character as charismatic and inexplicably popular as Sarah Palin requires ongoing vigilance and criticism from people like you and me so that she's never able to successfully achieve a level of leadership whereby she can actually make decisions of national importance.

Yes, she makes it easy. Yes, she's less influential now than she was two years ago. And so it seems puerile to harp on her. But if we were to leave her alone and let her continue along her present course, who knows what could happen given her delusional, narcissistic ambitions. I still believe that without accountability -- without a loud blitz of ridicule, Palin could be electable to some sort of national post.

As for the Paul Revere video, it's such a perfect storm of her ignorance, her lack of humility, and especially her inability to grasp even the most basic of concepts that it's worth seriously underlining as a means of achieving the aforementioned mission. So we're beating it to death. Good. If we call enough attention to it, then it'll surely seep into the general electorate. Mission accomplished.

I've written this numerous times, but it bears repeating. We ignore these people (Glenn Beck, Palin, Bachmann, Hannity, Limbaugh, tea party, etc) at our own peril.