Michelle Obama Rush Limbaugh

We Should All Drink Brawndo Instead of Water

Via LGF, the First Lady has launched a campaign to convince more Americans to drink water since it’s genuinely the healthiest beverage available and, of course, she’s right.

So now Rush Limbaugh is against drinking water and believes there’s a war on soda in America.

We have real trouble, real problems in this country and around the world. What is this push to drink more water? Now, we know that Bloomberg doesn’t want people drink sweetened soft drinks, limiting the size to 16 ounces. I’ll tell you what I think it is. I think there’s an all-out assault on soda pop, soft drinks. That’s why, by the way, if you’ve noticed, all the soft drink companies now have their own version of bottled water. Coca-Cola has their own version of bottled water, and I’m sure Pepsi does.

I don’t know what the brand is, but they’re expanding into bottled water. You know how much bottled water actually comes out of somebody’s tap? You would be amazed. I can’t remember. I had the story not long ago about all of the deception in that industry. You know, I’ve always been amazed. The price of bottled water is far more expensive if you measure it by the gallon. When you go to the store and buy it, it’s far more expensive than a gallon of gasoline.

Water? Like out the toilet?

Also, Charles Johnson called it last week: