Chris Christie Open Thread Russia

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Artist – Nick Anderson

The New York Times published a story today containing evidence that the power of the Port Authority was abused by the Chris Christie administration long before the Washington bridge closure. Among the evidence is the Port Authority awarding pieces of steel from the World Trade Center to ‘carefully chosen mayors’ whose endorsements Christie sought.

It also includes a malicious plan to deceive voters on toll increases and make Christie look like the compromising good guy.

The initial projection for car tolls had been an increase of $4, spread over two years. But on Aug. 3, Mr. Wildstein, Mr. Baroni and Mr. Samson went to Trenton and met with the governor and members of his senior staff.

Mr. Christie instructed the group to propose a plan for a $6 increase for cars by 2014. He told them that he would publicly rail against it, and that the agency would then agree to a lower number, easing the inevitable political fallout while still getting new income, according to a person who was briefed by an attendee on the participants and what was said.

Christie never actually intended to pass a $6 increase, he just wanted to look good for accepting $4.

The Republican party probably a dodged a bullet by having all of this come out now rather than 2016. I doubt Christie will run at this point.