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We Watched This Insanely Ridiculous NRA Video So You Don’t Have To

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been responsible for countless nonsensical, totally illogical and sadistically irrational pro-gun slogans. It’s kind of what the NRA does. Its executive vice president and chief crackpot, Wayne LaPierre is a never-ending geyser of these easy-to-repeat yet easily debunkable slogans. So it came as no surprise when the NRA released a brand new YouTube video that literally makes no sense whatsoever — on any level. In fact, it’s so off-the-rails that it’s difficult to imagine even the most loyal NRA automatons buying into what it says.

How can I make such a sweeping assumption about NRA loyalists? Mainly because the host of the video, NRA “commentator” Billy Johnson, isn’t LaPierre or anyone who “looks” like your typical NRA goon. Not that they all look the same, but I’ve never seen any NRA people who look like the host of this video. Billy looks like he’s from the same casting agency that gave us the “Pajama Boy” and that leather-jacket hipster Millennial from a GOP video back in March. Put it this way, Billy looks less NRA and more PBR. Of course there’s nothing factually wrong about casting Mr. Johnson, but it does, however, speak to the fact that the NRA is trying to look smarter and hipper. Unfortunately, the words coming out of Billy’s mouth are just as ridiculous as if they came out of Ted Nugent’s mouth.

Anyway, you might recall Billy’s previous performance in which he suggested that we stop using the phrase “mass shootings” and the word “gunman” when events like Santa Barbara or Sandy Hook occur. Why? Because it makes guns, you know, look bad. If you think that’s stupid, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

1) The title is crazy. The video is titled “Everyone Gets A Gun.” I won’t even dig into the long list of ramifications commensurate with such an overly broad idea. No, not everyone gets to have a gun. Haven’t LaPierre and the NRA been screaming about launching a mental health database accessible by gun dealers so mentally incompetent people can’t buy an AR-15 from Walmart? What about all those “bad guys with guns?” Should they be allowed to “get a gun?” Maybe I’m confused, but I thought the NRA was against giving literally everyone a gun.

2) Education, parks and jobs don’t kill people.CONTINUE READING

(ht Attorney David Benowitz)