We Hate Them For Their Freedom

Remind me again which country is the leader of democracyNo, they're not cheering because Wal-Mart opened their doors at dawn the day after Thanksgiving. That's what we cheer for in THIS country. These guys are cheering because they brought down the Ukraine government, steered by Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, who is alleged to be behind a rigged election.

Ah, the Ukraine, the world's shining beacon of democracy. The Ukraine, where members of the opposition party oppose the party in power; where people take to the streets to protest voting irregularities; where members of the news media actually question the stories fed to them by government officials.

Did you ever, in any remote corner of your mind, think: "Man, I want to live in the UKRAINE!"?

Keep in mind, though, they don't have Wal-Marts there that open at dawn the day after Thanksgiving.

They don't have Thanksgiving, either.

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