We shoot reporters, don’t we?

Why did US troops shoot at Giuliana Sgrena, the Italian journalist? According to Sgrena herself, she was warned by her Iraqi captors, "to be careful because the Americans don't want you to return." The shooters only wounded Sgrena, but killed Italian Secret Service Agent Nicola Calipari. He was shot in the head.

According to Sgrena and her companion, Pier Scolari, the US is lying about every aspect of the shooting, from the speed of the car to the alleged warnings given.

This is yet another vile act of an administration that has set itself up as the enemy of humanity.

So but why try to kill Sgrena? Perhaps because she has reported on things the US doesn't want the world to know. Will Pitt has some thoughts on his blog.

And it seems this is not the first time the US has killed a reporter. Steve Weissman has a detailed report via here.