Voter Suppression

Wealthy White Man Can’t Vote, Investigation Ensues

There's an Onion story in here somewhere just waiting to be written.

via The Tennesseean

Former U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis said he and his wife Lynda were denied the right to vote Tuesday in his Fentress County hometown.

“We walked in and they told me I was not a registered voter. I had been taken off the list,” said Davis, who served two terms representing the fourth congressional district of Tennessee, leaving office in 2011. [...]

Blake Fontenay, spokesman for the Tennessee Department of State, which oversees the division of elections, said officials were planning to investigate what happened with the Davises.

“He said I would have to re-register,” Davis said. “And I told them I’m already registered, I’m not going to re-register. I’m a former member of Congress, state senator, House member, mayor and all my life, I’ve been involved in the community, coaching Little League, participating in Boy Scouts and serving on boards here, and I’m denied the right to vote. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Such a scenario strikes me as distinctly Freudian.

Wealthy, white politicians such as Lincoln Davis obviously aren't the intended target of voter roll purging and other forms of voter suppression tactics, and if Mister Davis were poor or a member of a minority, I doubt the Tennessee State Department would launch an investigation with such haste.

Wealthy white men weren't the intended target of "papers please" immigration law either but, as we've seen, wingnut governance often comes with unintended consequences.