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Weird Tucker Carlson tsunami interview

From last night's "News Night with Aaron Brown" with guest host Tucker Carlson:

CARLSON: Imagine now being awakened from sleep by a sound at the door, the sound in this case being the Indian Ocean. John Austin awoke from a dream to just such a nightmare and remarkably, amazingly is still with us to tell the story. He joins us now by phone from Phuket. Mr. Austin, are you there? What happened?

JOHN AUSTIN, TSUNAMI SURVIVOR (by telephone): Hello.

CARLSON: Yes, hi. Mr. Austin, tell us where were you when the wave hit and what happened to you after?

AUSTIN: Yes, John Austin here.

CARLSON: Mr. Austin, tell us where were you when the wave hit?

AUSTIN: Are you speaking to me?

CARLSON: Yes, I am.

AUSTIN: John Austin.

CARLSON: John Austin, the very same.

AUSTIN: I need to know if you're speaking to me or someone else. There's a lot of garble on the phone.

CARLSON: Speaking to you, Mr. Austin, and asking you where were you Sunday morning when the wave hit Phuket?

AUSTIN: OK. Well, I came back from my room. I was staying at a rather posh (UNINTELLIGIBLE) hotel. I was there last year but this year I was on the first floor. It was the last floor they had which is the ground floor actually and the pool was right in front of my room. And I had woken up with several hours sleep and (UNINTELLIGIBLE) and so forth and turned on Discovery and was watching some program with Adolf Hitler and how he survived 27 assassination attempts...

That's what the CNN transcript says, but a Wonkette operative reported the following actual transcript of this last passage:

AUSTIN: Oh, hi. Well, I'd been drinking the night before so I was a little bit groggy from it and I turned on the Discovery Channel and started watching a thing about Hitler and how there were twenty seven assassination attempts about him when I...

CARLSON: Mr. Austin, unfortunately we're having difficult with our connection from Thailand. I hope we can get back to you later in the show.

The headline you never thought you'd see: "Man gets drunk, watches Hitler documentary, witnesses tsunami".

UPDATE: The Wonkette Operative noted above is actually Blog Supplement and the transcript/scoop was originally posted there. Apologies to Hbee.