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We’ll Basically Have No Executive Branch After Tomorrow

SK Ashby
Written by SK Ashby

This could be good news or bad news, depending on your perspective.

Out of nearly 700 positions requiring Senate confirmation, the Trump regime has selected less than 30 people to fill them.

Overall, out of 690 positions requiring Senate confirmation tracked by the Washington Post and Partnership for Public Service, Trump has come up with only 28 people so far.

The Atlantic's Russell Berman had a good story two weeks ago about how far behind Trump was. Since then? If anything, it's getting worse -- he's added only two of those 28 since Jan. 5. As Berman reported, the Partnership for Public Service suggested a president should have "100 Senate-confirmed appointees in place on or around Inauguration Day." At this pace, he won't have 100 nominees by the end of February, let alone having them confirmed and hard at work.

The bad news is we won't have a functioning government after tomorrow and maybe never will again. The good news is we won't have a functioning government after tomorrow.

I'm just sayin', we may all be better off if a Trump administration that's capable of carrying out his whims never materializes.

The longstanding precedent to avoid situations like this is to allow officials appointed by previous presidents to remain at their posts until a replacement is confirmed but, as you know, the Trump regime has gone out of their way to remove people appointed by President Obama.

Trump previously informed all of President Obama's diplomats to leave their desks by tomorrow, meaning we won't have senate-confirmed diplomats in many countries around the world after tomorrow.

Trump reportedly plans to immediately go on vacation after the inauguration ceremony. Hopefully he'll just stay on vacation. Forever.