Epic Fail

We’re All Adults Here

Or maybe not.

Maine Governor Paul LePage (R) is reportedly relocating his office because the state legislature has objected to his use of a television to badger the legislature for not passing his budget request.

According to a news release issued by Democratic leadership, LePage told presiding officers during a morning meeting that he was vacating his offices because lawmakers have objected to a television that he’s installed outside his office in the State House Hall of Flags. [...]

According to the Democrats’ press statement, leaders met with LePage to discuss the “unauthorized” television and invited him to formally request permission from the Legislative Council to keep it there.

Democrats say LePage then notified them that he and his staff would be leaving the Governor’s Office as of July 1.

LePage has complained that the legislature is trying to censor him for objecting to his placement of a television that he controls inside the state house. And because of their alleged censorship, he intends to take his ball and go home.

I’m just glad we have no real problems left to solve.