We’re Number One!

Good news everyone, one of the fastest trains in the world was launched today. Unfortunately, it wasn't in America.

Despite experiencing a number of issues earlier this year, China launched a new super-rapid test train this past weekend.

The new high-speed train can travel as fast as 500 km/h (about 310 mph), and was made by a subsidiary China's largest train provider CSR Corp Ltd. It launched over the weekend and was created to resemble an ancient Chinese sword. [...]

China's $1T USD high-speed rail bid hopes to build 13,000 km (8,078 miles) of high-speed rail network by 2012, and about 20,000 km (12,427 miles) by 2020.

While China's primary motives for developing high-speed rail include energy-efficiency, economic growth, and convenience, George Will reminds us that the primary motive for promoting high speed rail developement in America is the liberal agenda to collectivize and brain-wash everyone.

Governors John Kasich of Ohio, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, and Rick Scott of Florida have all rejected federal funds for high speed rail projects, costing their states thousands of jobs in the process.

Drill baby drill.