End of America

We’re Number One!

Well, not really.

While so-called "pro-life" anti-abortion rhetoric continues to be a centerpiece of the Republican party platform, America's fertility rate is on the decline and is now below that of those darn evil socialists in Europe.

Likely due to the lingering effects of the Great Recession, America’s total fertility rate has fallen below the level necessary to keep the population stable. As the Economist noted, “in 2011 America’s fertility rate was below replacement level and below that of some large European countries. The American rate is now 1.9 and falling. France’s is 2.0 and stable. The rate in England is 2.0 and rising slightly.”

And if the Republicans have their way in kicking nearly 2 million people, including hundreds of thousands of children, off of food stamps and school lunches, I can only imagine the birth disparity growing.

The Republican War on Women isn't a great force of encouragement either if you're looking to plan a family.

If a would-be President Romney passed the Ryan budget, the next trend in parenting may be leaving the country to have children. Because it would be not hyperbole to say that your chances of having a healthy child, with the best chance of succeeding in life, will be greater somewhere else if it isn't already.