White House

Weren't they going to fix the vetting thing?

Think Progress has this today regarding the highly qualified judges Bush is sending to Congress:

“I’ve a constitutional responsibility to nominate well-qualified men and women for the federal courts – I have done so.” - President Bush, 2/14/05

“Nominations Sent to the Senate…Thomas B. Griffith, of Utah, to be United States Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia Circuit” - White House Press Release, 2/14/05

“Thomas B. Griffith, President Bush’s nominee for the federal appeals court in Washington, has been practicing law in Utah without a state law license for the past four years, according to Utah state officials.” - Washington Post, 6/21/04

Bush's "ability" to select qualified nominees for various federal appointments is at about the same level as a monkey's aptitude for Pythagorean mathematics.