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What Could Go Wrong?

Italian gun manufacturer Beretta has some tips for you if you’re looking for an extremely stupid place to store your pistol.

Together with the gun news website, the manufacturer has put together a “down and dirty” guide to hiding handguns around the home. The ideas include stashing a gun in cereal boxes, laundry hampers, and old CD wallets.

I can’t imagine you would want to hide a gun from your kids in your cereal, so who are we hiding it from?

The guide, which Beretta USA posted to its Facebook page last week, walks readers through different parts of a typical home, offering tips. It asks readers to consider a number of factors, including who a gun is being hidden from: “Kids? Thieves? Jackboots?”



Here’s an idea: keep your gun locked in a safe. Kids are known to eat cereal and those stories about Jackbooted blue helmets aren’t real.

If you’re really afraid that you might need a “go-to gun” at a moment’s notice, you should consult a therapist.