What Could Go Wrong?

Written by SK Ashby

The Garden Valley K-12 school district in Idaho is taking the necessary steps to protect their children from the Soviet Union "school invasions."

The school system has purchased rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition which are to be used by "trained staff" in an emergency.

According to the district's school board minutes, the district has purchased four rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

The district is also considering spending up to $2,000 to purchase extra magazine rounds and body armor vests, according to school board documents. Each rifle was purchased for $680.

"We just have to protect our kids and we didn't want to do it in a haphazard way," Marc Gee, Garden Valley School District superintendent, told KBOI 2News Friday.

Members of the school board have defended the decision to purchase a small arsenal by saying that it would take far too long for law enforcement to respond to an "invasion" or attack on the school.

It's not clear who they anticipate will announce and launch a frontal assault on the school, providing staff with the amount of time needed to prepare.

That's the catch, isn't it? If the guns are securely locked up in a central location, teachers would have to secure their students before obtaining a rifle to respond to a threat that is more likely to materialize in front of them among their students rather than outside the school.

In any event, I don't believe stocking guns, extra magazines and body armor makes any school safer.

Responding to an attack with even more force does not make anyone safer; preventing an attack before it happens does. You do not prevent attacks by placing as many guns in as many hands as possible which is what the state legislature has done.