Guns Wingnuts

What Could Go Wrong?

Written by SK Ashby

A man walked into an Army recruitment center in Georgia last week with a gun because, according to him, he wanted to test their level of preparedness.

CONYERS - A local veteran was arrested for bringing a gun in to the Conyers Army recruitment office in an effort to "keep the guys on their toes" after a military recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tenneessee was attacked the week prior. [...]

According to the Conyers Police report, [Suspect Harry Tracey] did so to "keep them aware of their surroundings."

He did more than test their situational awareness according to local media. He reportedly insulted the service members stationed at the recruiting center by saying he wouldn't want to serve with them.

The feeling may be mutual for these characters who would not be out of place in a John Candy film about jingoists fighting a war that doesn't exist.

Self-styled patriots guarding recruiting centers and men walking in with guns to show recruiters who's boss could pose a wider threat to general safety than the would-be attackers they've vowed to defeat.