What Could Go Wrong? This.

Written by SK Ashby

Christopher Reed of Lancaster, Ohio is not the first man to conceive the idea of patrolling outside military recruiting centers with a rifle, but as far as I know he is the first one to be arrested for doing exactly what tends to happen when guns are carried in locations they normally wouldn't be by people who shouldn't be carrying them.

LANCASTER, Ohio — An armed volunteer guarding an Army recruiting station in the River Valley Mall area has been charged with a misdemeanor after he accidentally fired his AR-15 rifle this afternoon. [...]

Christopher A. Reed, 28, of Lancaster, was charged with discharging a firearm in the city limits, and was issued a summons to appear in Fairfield County Municipal Court on Tuesday, according to the police incident report.

The good news is no one was shot, but that is a needless risk associated with delusional morons carrying guns in public places.

Reed said he took it upon himself to guard the station because his "own government wouldn’t do it." That actually is the job of local law enforcement who were forced to divert their attention to an idiot who can't properly handle his weapons.

Media Matters has more on the phenomenon of vigilantes with delusions of grandeur outside recruiting stations.