What is Dead May Never Die

Written by SK Ashby

The day is December 20th, 2017 and Republicans still have questions about Benghazi.

Congressional Republicans have officially requested meetings with FBI officials to discuss the investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server.

The request to meet the FBI officials for “transcribed interviews” was made after Republicans obtained more than 300 text messages sent last year between Page and FBI agent Peter Strzok critical of then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. [...]

Strzok, who helped lead the investigation of Clinton’s handling of classified material, was removed from Mueller’s team after the special counsel became aware of the texts critical of Trump.

What does this have to do with Benghazi, you might ask.

The answer is everything. The reason Republicans began investigating Clinton's private email server in the first place several years ago is because of Benghazi.

There are many different conspiracy theories about the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, but the general idea behind the Republican investigation of Clinton's email server was that the embassy attackers somehow used information contained in her emails to plan their attack. And that sounds even more ridiculous when you say it out loud.

There's still no evidence that Clinton's private email server was ever breached or that the embassy attackers give two shits about any emails, but the chicken isn't going to fuck itself and Republicans apparently have a whole new conspiracy theory.

It appears the new theory is that Strzok cleared Hillary Clinton of wrongdoing because he didn't like Trump.

I suppose that might raise questions for us under different circumstances, however Strzok wasn't merely critical of Trump. Strzok also attacked Chelsea Clinton, Eric Holder, and Bernie Sanders among other people in private text message. The idea that he's a liberal mastermind who helped cover up Benghazi(!) is quite a stretch.

Strzok may have called Trump an "idiot," but so have multiple members of Trump's cabinet.