What It Is

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Rob Rogers)

In other news, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) has tested positive for the coronavirus. The American death toll could cross 175,000 by tomorrow night with nearly 5.6 million confirmed cases.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) estimates they'll process 37 million fewer employment tax forms next year and up to 15 million fewer as long as 7 years from now. In other words, that's how many permanent job losses they expect to see. Others will transition to contract jobs in which they aren't technically employees. The gig economy.

The IRS forecasts there will be about 229.4 million employee-classified jobs in 2021 -- about 37.2 million fewer than it had estimated last year, before the virus hit, according to updated data released Thursday. The statistics are an estimate how many of the W-2 tax forms that are used to track employee wages and withholding the agency will receive.

Lower rates of W-2 filings are seen persisting through at least 2027, with about 15.9 million fewer forms filed that year compared with prior estimates. That’s the last year for which the agency has published figures comparing assumptions prior to the pandemic and incorporating the virus’s effects.

Finally, Trump's demand for a "snapback" of all sanction on Iran was dead on arrival as expected at the U.N. today.

None of the other council members believe the U.S. has the legal right to demand the re-imposition, or “snapback,” of sanctions because President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal in 2018. As such, the demand is expected to further isolate the U.S. at the U.N. and test the Security Council’s credibility. [...]

The U.S. maintains that its withdrawal from the nuclear deal does not obviate its right as an original participant and a permanent Security Council member to demand the restoration of sanctions.

That argument, however, has already been rejected by the other members of the council, including U.S. allies Britain and France, along with China and Russia.

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This song feels personally applicable to me. Her voice gives me chills.