Sarah Palin

What Are The Teabaggers Hiding?

No press allowed at Sarah Palin's speech to the teabaggers.

You would think that with a super-smart, super-articulate speaker like Sarah Palin, they would want to show off her prowess to the world. After all, she's more articulate than President Obama, says Sean Hannity and his roundtable of morons.

So why exclude the press? Even the wingnut-friendly press like Fox News and NRO?

There could be any number of reasons, but the most obvious one is Palin herself. If she self-authors another rambling Mad Libs speech like her resignation rant (complete with squawking water foul) then she'll further expose the fact that she's a totally oblivious nothing who has no business being out there. The longer she can keep up the ruse, the longer her grifting can continue.